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Heidi - Mum of three

Heidi - Mum of threeI first met Jean in August 2008, and I can still remember the day so clearly. It was the day my life was completely turned around for the better. Being a young mother to two young boys, and one with a serious medical condition, I struggled with ‘depression’ and not being able to cope. Jean has given me the strength, love and empowerment to turn my life around and see the beauty in everything. I now live life knowing I am blessed every day.

I have been to several counsellors over the years for my ‘depression’ and none of them even come close to comparing to Jean. Jean is such an open, caring, loving person and is there for her clients at any time, as I know from personal experience. Jean is someone I can trust, and has helped me enormously over the years I have known her. I just cannot express how much she has helped me to completely change my life, and I am so very grateful for having Jean in my life. Since I met Jean back in 2008, I have watched as her business has expanded and gone from strength to strength and grown with her. I have seen many clients at workshops go from having no direction in their lives to becoming completely empowered and knowing exactly what they want and how to get it. It is a privilege to see Jean helping so many people and fulfill her passion. She is an inspiration to me.

As busy as Jean already is with her private sessions with clients, workshops and teaching, she still makes time to study and fundraise. On top of that, whenever I have called her, she has always answered her phone or gets back to me by the end of the same day, which is something I think is invaluable when you are running a business. She always makes time for clients, no matter how busy she is. I wish Jean the very best to complete her goals and reach the world as she travels overseas and teaches what she absolutely loves.

Jeannine Stephens - Feng Shui Consultant

Jeannine Stephens - Feng Shui ConsultantI met Jean Sheehan as a participant at a workshop where Jean gave a presentation that was expertly expressed, visually depictive and inspirationally informative, for which I perceived a deep sincerity for the work and service she performs. Then I became a private client of Jeans, for issues relating to my health. As a result I discovered Jeans responsive promptness with contact, support and appointments. This service quality was impressive and highly professional.

Through my private session, follow-ups and then a three day intensive workshop, as well as many phone calls, written feedback and discussions, I found Jean to be immensely respectful, confidential and appropriate in her ‘duty of care’. I feel that Jean in her work aims to empower each client so that they can recognize their own healing capacity, intuition and potential. Her support has been unsurpassed. Her actions, words and deeds exemplify to me the dedication, depth her of compassion to children and adults, with a vision to support all those in the community, especially the children who are the future of our world. Her training of others is to up skill those dedicated to helping others in service.

In such a short time frame Jean has made such a magnificent difference to me in my life, health issues and personal growth. The boundaries and limitations I previously held around my capabilities and business have now expanded and are continuing to grow, to embrace a new way of being, new approaches and new visions/goals. Jeans service to the community through her business Millennium Education and who she is, is inspirational. It demonstrates what love, dedication, passionate belief, respectfulness and hard work can achieve and will continue to

Linda – Ambulance Officer

Linda – Ambulance OfficerI am writing this today after being aware that Jean Sheehan has been nominated for a business award with the Sunshine Coast Women’s Business Network. I realize that there are many other women who have been nominated at this time for this award, and it is true to say they are all wonderful women. But today it’s my opportunity to tell you from my perspective why Jean should be given this award.

Jeans vision is about helping people to awaken to their pure potentiality, to assist them to be empowered in every aspect of their life and create a new generation of children that are confident, healthy and happy. Her dedication and commitment to this vision is clearly evident within the local community, within Australia and now worldwide. Through her workshops, seminars, client sessions, website, traditional wellness therapies etc. She lovingly and tirelessly has empowered thousands of people around the globe without expectation, just a desire to be of service and to assist as many as people of all ages, but with a passion for our children of this world to be the best they can be, and to live a life of joy and abundance.

Jean is always up skilling herself to ensure she can give the best service she can to everyone she comes in contact with. Personally Jean has changed my life; she has helped me to remember who l am and how l can connect with my greatness. She helped me during my darkest hours when suicide seemed the only answer. Now l am a successful business woman, healer and life coach.

Marie – Hospital Medical Records

Marie – Hospital Medical RecordsI was referred to Jean 8 years ago when I was looking for answers as to why my children went through particular behavioural cycles which I didn’t understand. After my initial phone conversation with Jean I knew she would be the person who could help me.

From that initial conversation I had some one on one sessions with Jean as well as attended courses that Jean held. Through her knowledge and passion for her work I was able to start growing as a person in a positive way. As Jeans business expanded, she sought my help to become Course Co-ordinator which was a great honour. What I experienced on these courses was watching the way participants were transformed. Many arrived feeling quite burdened with the pressures of life. At the end of the course, the same participants appeared much lighter and would seem to be floating as they said their goodbyes.

When I first met Jean she was holding her courses at her own home and has successfully grown her business to now holding her courses in conference centres throughout Australia. This achievement is more remarkable by the fact that it is the result of word by mouth from her ever growing loyal client base who have benefited from her unique approach to holistic healing and empowerment. Jeans compassion in this field is unsurpassed and her work and reputation is now filtering beyond Australia’s boundaries. She is very heavily sort after throughout Australia and now more and more from overseas.

I have always found Jean to be very professional and of very high integrity. When she teaches it is with great compassion and straight from the heart. Clients feel very nurtured and safe in this environment. Jeans passion is that everyone is special and has potential in one way or another. She is regularly pushing herself outside her comfort zone so she can up skill to enable her to give her clients the best service possible. Her business is going from strength to strength and I see no limits. She strives to succeed in everything she does. It is such a pleasure working with Jean and I would not hesitate to recommend her work . She is the shining star that will teach the tools to people so they may lead an empowered life that many thought not be possible.

Monique – Secondary School teacher

Monique – Secondary School teacherI have had the privilege of knowing Jean for seven (7) years. My first impression of Jean was that of an inspiring, dedicated and passionate woman. Since that time, I have been educated by her in many ways. Jean continues to inspire me with the way she operates her business. She is always looking for new ways to satisfy her clients, she takes on board their feedback and finds ways to continually improve her service.

Personally Jean is an inspiration; she has helped me to find me true self and to accept that whole heartedly. I have watched her grow her business from a relatively small home based business to a company, where she employs other people to assist her. Jean has now expanding her business overseas. She travels abroad to meet with her overseas clients to ensure that their true needs are also being met. She has also embraced technology to better able her connection with all her clients.

Jean is someone who excels at everything she decides to pursue. She is not only a true educator but also believes in self education to ensure personal success.

Nichole – Softball Coach

Nichole – Softball CoachJean came into my life 2011, we met through a sporting club and as we had met on a personal level I wasn’t aware of Jean’s very successful business ‘Millennium Education and Absolute Empowerment’ but as I got to know this very humble person I discovered her unique and intriguing business. I was drawn to her courses due to her high standards of professionalism, extensive knowledge and her exceptional commitment and unsuppressed continually support to everyone who meets her.

During the last 11 months I have been involved with Jean professionally through her business as a course attendee and as a worker and I am able to see firsthand how motivated and tirelessly she works to expand her business while she continually meets clients, here in Australia and overseas, requests for more information, products, courses and services while at the same time she is encouraging and helping to foster many other people’s dreams, I included, of setting up and running their own businesses.
Jean’s commitment to her clients and work has taken her around the world as she shares and teaches her gifts and knowledge. Some of her most recent work was as a guest speaker on radio in the USA and she regularly contributes to magazine columns.

While Jean is extremely dedicated to her family and work community spirit is also an important part of Jean’s life and business, Jean continually supports such clubs as Noosa District Softball Association, Yandina Wildcats Softball Club and Cleft Pals Organisation with regular giftings of donations and fundraising events. It is with great pleasure and extreme excitement to watch Jean’s business excel to new heights.

Tanyia – PA

Tanyia – PAI have known Jean Sheehan for 4 years, I first met Jean when I was working at a Resort in Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast as a Conference Coordinator and Millennium Education began holding workshops at the venue. Prior to this I held the position of Banquet Operations Manager at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart, Tasmania. A 5 star Hotel /Conference venue which holds Events for up to 1200 delegates. I now work for Millennium Education as Jeans PA and have Jean as my mentor.

Over 4 years I have watched Millennium Education grow at a rapid rate propelled by Jean Sheehan. Jean is very driven, inspirational and astounding with her dedication and desire for Millennium Education and the way in which she teaches others to strive beyond their dreams, showing people how to achieve what they had always been told was unachievable and out of their reach. Jean is constantly setting new goals for herself both personally and for Millennium Education. Jean hits the floor running each morning and then constantly gains momentum throughout the day searching for new ideas and growth opportunities for Millennium Education.

During my professional career which includes 12 years in the Conference /Events industry I have worked with a variety of business owners and I have never been more inspired or motivated by any business plan more than I have been by Jean Sheehan's. The unique way that Jean has created and markets Millennium Education is brilliant! Jean is a true visionary and role model to all that cross her path and should be commended for her commitment and dedication.

Laura – Founder Concussions Life Expos

Laura – Founder Concussions Life Expos I first met Jean about a year ago when i was introduced to her via a colleague. I had just started a new community network up so was looking for facilitators to participate in events and seminars. I immediately felt warmed to Jean as I knew she understood me and my vision. I was overwhelmed with her knowledge & wisdom. She has continually shared my passion in what I am creating for the community and believes in me whole heartedly. She often tells me this which is great support. "yes I am pushing you harder as I know you have so much to give!!!!! I believe in you and therefore keep pushing"

As soon as I met Jean I knew she could make a difference by empowering people to their highest potential. We have been working together off and on for a year and within this time i have invited Jean to be a guest speaker and facilitator at many of my network events. Jean is extremely professional and organised and time management is exceptional. I have certainly learnt a few methods from Jean on my way. Jean is extremely client focused and goes out of her way to make individuals feel nurtured and cared for and makes sure they understand what she is saying.. She is well liked throughout the community and always has so many positive comments and feedback. Jean receives so many referrals from clients and often receives testimonials from individuals stating she has changed their lives!

I am truly grateful for Jean for supporting both me on a personal level as well as a business mentor for my business. She has certainly made a difference with me and many others that she have come into contact with. I very much look forward to having Jean continue to make a difference in the community and for being part of our growing network and helping to educate individuals further.

I am so honoured to have met Jean and work with her and to have her support me and my business. I'm looking forward to working with Jean so much more in the future.

Natalie – Jewel Events and Founder Enlightened Goddess Network

Natalie – Jewel Events and Founder Enlightened Goddess Network The gift that Jean has- Medical intuitive- has been around since the dawn of time- a quick read of the Bible and other spiritual doctrines demonstrates this clearly. Imagine being able to not only “look” at a body and see clearly what ails that body, what potential for disease lies within its cells or what disease is already festering BUT to be able to HEAL that body and empower others to see their unique gifts and abilities. You would imagine the medical profession and the world would be falling over themselves to support such a gift- but sadly no.

For most of her life, Jean has kept this gift a secret, yet never for one moment has let go of her desire and her passion to empower her community to see their gifts and potentiality and to live an empowered and healthy life. Using a professional and proven method encompassing Crystals, Mind Power, Australian Bush Flower Essences and the internationally recognised Millennium Modality (Created by Jean Sheehan) Jean quickly and compassionately shows her clients where their strengths and weaknesses are in all areas of their life- health, relationships, success, money, business, love etc.

Jean has a vision – “to help awaken people to their pure potentiality, to assist them to be empowered in every aspect of their life and create a new generation of children that are confident, healthy and happy”. Jean’s revolutionary system for identifying our modern Millennium Children and how to educate and support their emotional growth is being introduced as Continued Professional Development to schools on the coast, Brisbane, Sydney and soon to be overseas. Ensuring that the entire educational process for student, parent, teacher, and school provides a future generation of empowered, confident and healthy adults. These children are our future and they need to be encouraged and supported to create an easier world for us all.

On a professional and personal basis I have always found Jean to be passionate, compassionate and caring toward everyone- this lady really goes the extra mile. Jean is constantly up skilling to give the best service, she makes time for clients, she operates with a service based mind frame and her thriving business is founded on a strong referral system. Being a catalyst for transformation for others is Jean’s driving force and her client’s successes speak to her success.

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