Millennium Education
& Absolute Empowerment
A Consultation with Jean Sheehan
Psychic & Awakened Children
Sacred Geometry Explained
Laura & Millennium Education
Bec & Chris with Millennium Education
Stacey & Millennium Education
2015 Energies According to Atlantis & Lemuria
Sacred Geometry Explained

All of these ancient teachings relate to returning to love and working from the heart. (Taught and experienced on the Millennium Modality™ - Medical Intuitive Course I, II, III, IV). When we work from the heart and know we are absolute love and empowerment, life is peace and harmony. When we understand we create everything in our world, we experience miracles. Working from the heart creates a world of no dualities and no egoic identity. The cleaning up of the separate mind is called the atonement. The change is in our perception and this is called ascension.
In this next Millennium (1999 – 2999) we will ascend and have an atonement to understand we are all one and we are pure perfection. We are in different stages of remebering. The memory is triggered and recalled through out the teachings of the Millennium Modality - Medical Intuition.

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