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Millennium Calendar Seminar - Buderim
Millennium Calendar Seminar - Buderim

There has been so much amazing feedback on the Millennium Calendar®, a proven system of manifestation, creation and knowing you design your destiny. The Millennium Calendar® is a simple and effective system how to manifest your hearts desires and the life you love!

Today people are complaining they do not have enough money and time, they are stressed, too busy for a holiday and unhappy in their professional or personal life. So what has happened in the new age of technology? Why are people not manifesting their hearts desires? What if there was a key to empower yourself, design your destiny and manifest your dreams to reality?

For many years and many cultures and through our ancient and sacred ways there have been the teachings from Mystery schools about working with the elements, seasons, weather and animals to live a harmonious life. Life was to be led through the heart and allow the illusion of the separate mind to disappear. The seasons were vital to life as they shared when, what and how to live life from heart. Each season has specific functions and aligns with the crystalline matrix of creation. We only have to look at nature Through the Millennium Calendar® you will discover simple techniques to create the life you want to live and be able to design your destiny to create your hearts desires.

Know you have the universe guaranteeing to give you what you want if you know these rules!

This professional and personal goal setting & dream creating techniques can be applied to every aspect of your life and assist you to organize and be clear on what you want. You will discover when to market your business, when to budget, when to promote, and most of all what you really want to manifest.

Since using this system, I know exactly when to have my holidays, when I will make most money, when to market my products including launch of new products an courses, and when to spend time to do planning on my business. As result of using this Millennium Calendar®  I have two holidays a year including (1) overseas, I travel where I want when I want and can schedule time with my husband and children and their events too. I have clarity on what I want and able to align the universal laws of attraction to assist my journey of manifesting.

The most common comment I have had from corporate clients that use this

If only I had this when I was commencing my business

and teachers ‘we need to teach this is schools for children’. 

I really love sharing this and assisting you plan your life. 

I know you will be blown away.


Date:  Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April 2017
Time:  9:00am to 5:00pm
Venue:  'Bloomhill' - 58 Ballinger Road, Budermin QLD 4556.    View Map
Bookings: Investment $660.00*pp Inc GST
Early Bird - AU$550.00 Due by 13th March 2017
Book online

*Includes refreshments
BYO: pen, paper, post it notes, coloured pens, 2017 diary if you have one.

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