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BLUEBELL – Australian Bush Flower Essence

This essence opens the heart to abundance and feelings. You will be shown universal trust, unconditional love and joyful sharing.

Opens heart
Belief in abundance
Universal trust
Joyful sharing
Unconditional love
Fear of lack

This essence helps open up the heart. The heart may have been closed as protective measure against hurt. For those cut off from their feelings – the emotion is there but held within. They are subconsciously afraid to express it for they fear the feelings of love, joy, etc are finite or not renewable. They operate from a subconscious fear that there is not enough and that if they let go of what they have, they will not survive. This fear can often be marked by a controlling, rigid and forthright manner. This essence address the deep heart centre of the person, animal, This essence gives a huge sense of generosity and breaks conditional love. It is a precious essence which can be used for sibling rivalry.
4th – Heart
30ml Oral drops
Contains purified water, 33.3% Brandy Alcohol, Vibrational Infusion
Realtionship Essence, Abund Essence
My husband was in the Police Force for 23 years. He learnt to disguise, hide and burry his emotions to deal with things as a coping mechanism in the Police Force. A lot of the things he did could trigger deep emotions and would affect his work. It was not until he left the forces that we noticed he was creating a world of poverty, he’d become greedy and very rigid in his way of thinking. I suggested he take BLUEBELL essence. I had taken it a few years prior when I had close off my heart to my brother and past hurt. It gave me almost instant relief to connect with my brother on heart to heart level. Mike agreed to take the BLUEBELL ESSNCE. His two daughters and I noticed that he was become more relaxed about life and his views of the world. His et opinions were almost dissolving in front of hours. Mike even shared that he would like to donate money regularly to a charity and possibly we as a family could spend some of the savings we’d had for years. I had always said we can not take the money to he grave but now he was stating this. He took us to Hawaii – my dream and we had the most amazing time. No poverty consciousness at all. In 28 years of marriage I had never experienced this with him. Since the BLUEBELL essence, Mike loves sharing, has a belief in a universal trust and has been so much happier.

Mike, QLD Police Force

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