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Millennium Education

July 2013

Connecting with Jean


Yeah it is July and winter has begun. That means retreat time for the southern hemisphere. This is a wonderful time for nurturing food that fills your mind, body and soul – soups, home baked meals and time with close friends and family to comfort your core being. This is a time when I retreat to reflect and look at my own life and what I have learnt both personally and professionally and review what is and is not me any more. The funny part is nature and animals naturally do this but humans go against the natural flow or chi of life and wonder why they get sick or things don’t manifest!?!?!? All we need do is watch nature. When I teach this during the MMMI Module II Course, students are amazed and then apply it to their life and notice that life flows with grace and ease. So with this in mind I will not have any courses or sessions during July so I can reflect and assimilate. Certain body parts are affected by winter and one that is critical to permanent change and evolution is the gorgeous Thymus Gland. I love this gland and teach about it in the MMMI courses. The Thymus Gland is situated in the upper thorax. Large in infants and children and shrinks as humans grow older. It creates specialised white blood cells that are crucial for the body’s immune response. It is linked to our lymph tissue development as well as the immune system. It produces hormones that stimulate general growth, particularly in early life. It has a purifying role in the body producing lymphocytes, which form part of the blood’s white cell’s defence system, attacking invading organisms and providing immunity. The scientists also recognise that auto-immune diseases, where the immune system attacks its own proteins, mistaking them for a foreign substance, have an emotional link and are not simply due to physical or environmental causes. The Thymus is responsible for the production of T-Cells. These regulate the immune system and are intelligent molecules that ‘eavesdrop’ on the internal language and grant the subconscious life or DEATH WISH. It is here life threatening disease begin its story. Behind the Thymus, in the centre of your chest, there are 144 AKENENIC* or infinite cells. Contrary to other cells in your body, these cells do not die. Looking at the electrons of these cells, quantum scientists are discovering what spiritual teachers have said all along, that the electrons that pass through the atomic core, thereby creating an infinity LOOP, so that the energy of these cells never gets lost and the cell replenishes itself. This literally means that cells can not die and are DIVINE.


Other body parts affected by winter include:

Thymus - time for changes
Gall bladder - decisions to make
Heart - time of self love and nurturing
Liver - new decisions need to be planned and organised

Some of the effects of winter can be:

• Chronic depression
• Craving carbohydrates
• Gain weight
• Sleeping up to 20% more
• Feeling irritable
• Withdrawn
• Low levels of libido
• Can not concentrate
• Perform poorly at work


A fabulous essence that assist these feelings is Sunshine Wattle. This Australian Bush Flower assists to have an optimistic outcome during times of grey skies, cold weather and those that affected by S.A.D. which seasonal affected disorder. I personally take this essence now as I am affected by S.A.D. and the essence allows me to breeze quickly through winter.


In winter and southern hemisphere many people will feel like they have no time, no energy and no money which are all one consciousness. The subject of money is wonderful as it relates symbolically to so many things. I wanted to share an article I recently wrote for a Business magazine …… enjoy.


Many people work for money but in business if you work to create your desires knowing that your product and service will assist others somehow, money becomes abundant. The thymus gland is one body part that holds our desires. Desire is pure potentiality seeking manifestation. How great does it feel when you have created your dreams, goals and desires? The next body part to connect with money is the uterus and prostrate. These organs are the factory and production of your ideas in business. Once your thymus gland has focused on your business desire, then it is time for the uterus/prostrate to link up and produce your dream and goals. Linked to this is the spine which is the area of stability and support. When your business desire is in full production you will have stability. Money flows and so does your health in these specific body parts. Lets now go to the quantum physics on money – it is only energy or an electro magnetic light. What we radiate out through our thoughts, feelings, mental pictures, words and actions, we magnetize to our business. If we are sending out thoughts and feelings of lack, limitation and failure that energy is what we will attract. Negative conditions and experiences in business can change as quickly as we change our thinking. We have all heard the expression "Money begets money". That is true as people in business who have money have developed true PROSPERITY consciousness. They accept prosperity, they feel prosperous, they send out thoughts of prosperity and they continually draw money and prosperity in to their lives. I know it easier to think, feel and act prosperous when we have money than when we don't, but the important thing is that it is possible, and is something we choose to learn if we are going to attract money in to our lives. The missing key here is "Can you still feel rich and abundant even when you don't have money?" Can you perceive your richness in your thymus, spine and uterus/prostrate? Can you see the wealth around you of the potential clients, work colleagues, your product? When you can 'see' this, then you know you are rich. Recognize money as a source of energy that is providing a service to you that you accept with GRATITUDE and APPRECIATE. Regardless of what is occurring in your life, the supply of opportunities to create money is limitless.


Remember ……
1. There is no such thing as failure - there are only results.
2. The secret to living a rich life is gratitude.
3. How do I create value for others?!
4. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
5. Abundance is your birth right.
6. what you want, wants you.


So as a reminder for the month of July, I will be planning all the next twelve month courses, seminars, travel and more for you, Millennium Education and my family. The office will be unattended but I will be available on email only. ( If you require any essences or products, you can order these when we will return in the office 22/7/13. Any correspondence will always reach me on email. Please do not text me as I do not receive these.


I look forward to assisting you on your journey of self discovery to create the life you love at one of these courses Opening Doors – Love of Self (24th & 25th August, Medical Intuitive (9th – 14th November) and Successful Healing Business (16th & 17th November) courses later in the year. These are already nearly booked out and are not even on the website yet. And as a special for any Heartspeak newsletter memberships, anyone attending the MMMI Modules I – III November 2013 inclusive can attend the Successful Healing Business course for 50% off when paying in full. (You must mention this newsletter special when booking – places limited). We will be celebrating the end of the year with a gorgeous Sunset Cruise along the Noosa River at the end of the Medical Intuitive courses November 2013 and before SHB course. There will be nibbles, refreshments and a divine view along the internationally recognised Noosa River. This is my way of saying thanks for attending the Millennium Education courses and sessions with me.


Remember I have lots of free teaching Tuesday session on the Millennium Education Facebook page – so connect with me there. Keep sending your emails and connecting.



Absolute love and gratitude

Jean & the M.E. Team


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