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January 2017 Newsletter
January 2017 Newsletter

Connecting with Jean


Happy New year and welcome 2017. What a delicious time of soul evolution we are about to have this year. Firstly, I would like to wish you all magic and miracles this year. And secondly, I want you to know that this years theme for my newsletter is Love of Self ... why? The last 5 years I have been inundated with so many clients not thinking they are good enough and so many clients presenting with with anxiety and depression. That made me wonder 'how can I support everyone more'. I decided to make some yummy things for you as reminders to see your reflection of brilliance and know you are absolute love. Each month I encourage you to print this off as there will be insights and reminders you will want to have on your fridge.


What if for the month of January you were to know that everything is a gift from the universe whether it be good or bad. And what if the biggest and most sacred gift you can receive is seeing you, the loveable and amazing you. Today and for this month, each day be great-full for you and all that you are. You are a gift from the universe as you are a mirror image from the absolute.

January Affirmation



Medical Intuition

Many of you have requested hearing Medical Intuitive stories and actual experiences to learn more and for those qualified as Millennium Modality® - Medical Practitioners and Teachers this refreshes your work. Each month you will receive actual audio sessions and insights (names changed for confidentiality of course). This month's session is aligned with the 2017 energies knowing you are a gift and to see your gifts within you. Enjoy - Click here.


Millennium Children®


To empower the Millennium Children® I have created a healthy guide to vitamins which you can print and use in your everyday life. Enjoy eating these yummy foods.


I look forward to connecting with you in 2017. Keep an eye for the amazing courses and events coming up and all sorts of goodies.  For your diary and planning your year here are the 2017 Retrogrades and moon cycles. Have fun creating your hearts desires.



Absolute love and gratitude



New Medical Intuitive Teacher

Introducing Samantha Allimant, dedicated Medical Intuitive and Teacher of the Millennium Modality® MMMI. She is based in Bundaberg, Queensland. Samantha experiences include twenty-three years as a Beauty therapist where she has developed the art of nurturing and caring for women. This has then led her to Medical Intuition; she wanted something more than just being a carer or nurturer, she wanted to be able to encourage women to learn the tools that would empower them. She is now following her dream of teaching as a Medical Intuitive Teacher where she educates all in the art of Medical Intuition. Why the Millennium Modality®? Because you will have the opportunity to learn tools and techniques to be the creator of your life: create new patterns, stop limiting beliefs, can see your own potentiality, learn to look inside for the answers and to create a life that you truly desire.


This Months Feature Article

What is Medical Intuition? By Samantha Allimant (MMMI Teacher)



So what does Medical Intuition mean to me? It is the art of combining mind, body, and spirit to feel whole and complete, meaning... Read More

Up & Coming Courses


Save the date!! Up & Coming events.

Bookings can be made on the website or email us. Click here

Teacher Level 2017

If you're interested in being a Medical Intuitive Teacher we have released the information and on-line course application form. The course is about to commence and runs for 12 months.


To apply you need to have completed Medical Intuitive Modules I - IV as a prerequisite. For further details and information Click here

Medical Intuitive

Module I


19 & 20 Mar 2017

Course Details


Medical Intuitive

Module II


21 & 22 Mar 2017

Course Details

Medical Intuitive

Module IV


25 & 26 Mar 2017

Course Details

Medical Intuitive

Module III


23 & 24 Mar 2017

Course Details


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