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Ascension Symptoms

Ascension Symptoms

For many years of ascension, including 13,000 years ago in Atlantis and over 60,000 years ago in Lemuria, there has been ancient knowledge and wisdom about the ascension of the earth and humans. In recent times the ancient Mayans and Egyptians also referred to the ascension. This ascension relates to 2012 and beyond and the understanding that our human brain will expand in awareness and consciousness, where humans can relate on a heart level to all and realise we are not separate or different but only ONE. This is the ascended mind. It is the understanding that we are our creators and we create EVERYTHING in our own world. There is nothing outside of ourselves and the Universe is ourselves – our mind/body/spirit being the manifestation of this.

Ascension Symptoms Asending to the Absolute

Soul ascending to the absolute

Ascension of the mind, body, spirit is the understanding of going to another level of understanding or evolution. Our brain is opening up to other worlds, realities and possibilities we had never thought of or perceived. To ascend also relates to the human race evolving to another dimension; another height and aspect. In concordance with the ascension is the activation or opening of a new foundation to us as human race. This involves cellular memory changes as well as creating new DNA strands within the body. (Taught Module III Medical Intuitive courses)
As these ascensions and activations occur, there are specific affects on the body. Western medicine can misinterprets the ascension symptoms and can misdiagnose which can prevent the ascensions from occurring. One of the signs and symptoms of ascension is depression.
Ascension Symptoms Connecting with higher self
Connecting with your Higher Self from heart.

The energies of the rising new Earth will continue to be strong and ascend until ascended humans learn to hold their balance in these energies, they will continue to experience the ascension symptoms. These new ascended humans are the new Avatars or Golden Ones. (An Avatar or Golden One is a soul of pure consciousness, a descent form of the divine, possessing profound spiritual power. They came in to this world already ascended as Ascended Masters)
The key to ascension is to integrate fully your higher and lower energies and that means to be completely grounded and then to be able to align your grounded physical body with your higher energy bodies which are your vehicles for multi-dimensional consciousness. This is known as the Merkaba. (Taught in Medical Intuitive Modules II and IV).
Ascension Symptoms Merkaba of Ascension

Merkaba of Ascension
Often people, who have a strong spiritual mission on Earth, spent so much time in the spiritual realm that they become ungrounded and they do not have the strong foundation (bones and lower three chakras) on Earth that is needed to hold and carry the powerful ascended energies of the new earth. At times when the energies are particularly strong, they loose their balance and the physical body is put under strain, which creates disease, disharmony and unhappiness.



Ascension Symptoms and Signs

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Physical aches, such as bones
  • Repulsion of their partner
  • Convulsions
  • Anger
  • Memory Loss
  • Recall of past lives
  • Loss of Speech
  • Cravings for sugar
  • Insanity feelings
  • Unable to cope
  • Tearful
  • Nauseay
  • Feint/Dizziness
  • Disorination
  • Hatred for the partner
  • Lack of focus
  • Depression
  • Extremely E-Motional
  • Extreme Fear
  • Recall of eperiences
  • Endocrine imbalance
  • Weight gain
  • Paranoia
  • Moodiness
  • Anxiety

Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations
All the physical symptoms that manifest from the ascension process are a result of the higher and lower bodies not being fully aligned, balanced and integrated. When the bodies are in balance and the heart is functioning fully, the energy is able to flow clearly from the higher levels through the Heart chakra and 8th chakra and in to earth as it was intended to do for humans to ascend. Many are unable to transfer the energy from higher to the physical and this is felt as heart palpitations, and spaciness. These being symptoms of ascension. The lower body feels tired and weak and unwell, as it is vibrating out of harmony with the energy of the higher. This is due to the lower chakras raising their vibration in the ascension process.
You may find you become over E-Motional and angry, tearful or depressed. You may become very self absorbed and play out E-GO and control DRAMAS. These are evidence of a need to ‘heal your inner child’. (Taught in Awakened Children Course) It is the lower chakras being pushed out of balance by the powerful energy of ascension that are active in the higher chakras. Many people have stated they do not understand why they feel so angry or so E-Motional or so out of balance when they are ascending. It also seems like nothing they do will alleviate it these emotions from the ascension signs and symptoms. Once the lower chakras start to spin at the ratio needed to balance out with the higher chakras, the best option is to allow the process and know that you will reap the benefits of the alignment process, acceleration and ascension evolution. This balancing process is natural and automatic if ‘allowed’ the mind, body, spirit are allowed to ascend .

Open Heart ready to ascend

Heart open ready to become ascended.

This is a temporary alignment phase during the ascension and in time your energy bodies and physical bodies will balance and align. You can help the process if you understand it is an alignment process. The key to becoming ascended is the heart. The heart must be open to allow the full cosmic creative energy through the system. When the bodies are aligned and the heart open, then the physical body functions as it is intended, as a channel for the divine creative energy. This allows for the ascension transformation to occur without the drama of ascension symptoms.
In this full alignment and flow, the space created is for the experience of MIRACLES. The ABSOLUTE energy is so intense and powerful that almost anything can be achieved. It manifests through the flow of the heart and not the HEAD. This is the ascended soul understanding. As soon as the head or EGO attempts to control the process, then the flow can not proceed and the ascension symptoms will be felt in full affect. The manifestation of the miracle is blocked. In the head, the rational mind or separated mind says ‘this wont work’ and therefore blocks the miracle. It blocks the ascension, acceleration of the soul and evolutionary process.
The EGO will require ‘training’ or ‘education’ to work in harmony with the heart, allowing it to be the leader. (Taught in Medical Intuitive Courses). Only then manifestation comes to fruition to your hearts desire. As an ascended soul you will know that dreams become a reality as you are working from the 5th dimension.

True manifestation is from the heart

True manifestation is from heart

Ascension Symptoms ©- Article By:
Jean Sheehan, Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment
Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia

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